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We've provided a selection of useful calculators below. Please note that whilst the calculators are accurate, they perform generic calculations that do not take into account your individual circumstances. They should be used as a guide only and not relied upon.

Please also note we do not store or see any of the information you input to these calculators.

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Blind Persons Allowance

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*Married Couples Allowance only applies to persons born before April 6th, 1935. This is a generic calculation that does not take into account the individuals circumstances, it should not therefore be relied on.

The Financial Conduct Authority does not regulate taxation advice

Rates and allowances used in this calculator relate to the 2023/24 Tax Year.

Value Move   %     
FTSE 100
7,709.5430.92 stock arrow0.40 stock arrow
FTSE All Share
4,184.7713.70 stock arrow0.33 stock arrow
Value Move   %     
1.150.00 stock arrow-0.24 stock arrow
United States Dollar
1.220.00 stock arrow-0.39 stock arrow
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